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The Jumping Clay Family

Jumping Clay is a known established brand name in Korea, and its clay products are developed and manufactured by JumpingClay Co. Ltd, a company that started business since 1998.

With a good business model, JumpingClay owes its rapid expansion and success and to the educational programs package that goes hand in hand with this unique revolutionary product.

It gained popularity and currently has over 550 franchises and retailing points worldwide, more than 6.000 instructors and has a presence in more than 40 countries.

Jumping Clay Singapore

Ms Helen is the Master Franchisee, operating under her company Jumping Clay International and Asiabell Marketing in Singapore since 2007. Having undergone professional training in Korea, her goal is to share this unique and highly versatile clay with others and see others enjoying the marvels of JumpingClay as much as she does!

Benefits of Jumping Clay: 

  • Promotes right brain development and imaginative ability through creative fun and play;

  • Educational development – learns about basic forms and shapes and colour mixing

  • Emotional development - builds confidence, self-discipline and encourages self expression;

  • Increase self-esteem;

  • Improve perceptivity and  stimulate observation capability;

  • Helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

  • Calming and therapeutic;

  • Enriches, stimulates and improves concentration;

  • Hands-on experimentation while having fun creating little “master pieces” – learn through play & bringing imagination to life!!!

About The Product

Jumping Clay is a marvellous clay that has the following distinctive qualities: 

  • It is non-toxic. Hence, it is safe for children.

  • It is Jasmine-scented and has calming and therapeutic qualities.

  • It is versatile and highly malleable. Hence, it can be easily crafted into simple art pieces to more complex modeling artworks.

  • It is light weight, soft to touch and easy to work with for any age group.

  • It dries naturally without the need to bake.It does not crack or stain easily.

  • No glue is required when sticking the parts together (clay sticks when moist).

  • The colours can be mixed and blended to create a whole spectrum of colours and tones.

  • No paint work is required as clay colours can be mixed.

  • It bounces when rolled into a ball. For this reason, it is known as “Jumping Clay!”

Product Certification


Jumping Clay has passed food and safety regulation tests, it is completely safe if accidentally ingested even for children under the age of 3. The only one that has passed the the European SGS test for the under 3 age group. 

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Product Certification
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