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Welcome to the world

of Jumping Clay!  

Jumping Clay a revolutionary air drying clay  distinct from any other clay products available in the market!. 

This unique clay is composed of non-toxic, harmless water-soluble filler. It is therefore perfectly safe for children. Jumping Clay is light weight, soft to touch and easy to work with for any age group. Unlike other conventional clay, it does not crack or stain.

Jumping Clay is also user-friendly as it is :

Air Drying - it dries naturally without the need to bake

Mess Free -  no glue is required when sticking the parts together 
(clay sticks when moist) 

It comes in nine vivid colours that can be mixed and blended to create a whole spectrum of colours and tones.No messy paint work is required.

Jasmine scented it is both calming and has therapeutic qualities

Jumping Clay bounces when rolled into a ball for this reason, it is known as “Jumping Clay!”

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